Congratulations! You’ve updated Add-Art

If you see art at the bottom of this page, it’s working! Add-Art has been completely re-written! We’re now working with Addendum to provide visual essays from artists, and rolling out versions of Add-Art for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. NOTE: If you’re used to previous versions of Add-Art, this one will work differently. If you’re not using AdBlock Plus, a few ads may sneak by here and there. If you’re using AdBlock Plus, you’ll see less art. See our FAQ for more details.

You can contribute:

You can also help by telling your friends (we’re @add_art on Twitter).

If you notice issues

  1. Check our FAQ
  2. Search existing issues on github for the firefox, chrome, or safari version
  3. If the issue doesn’t exist, create a new one and let us know!